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Why Hygienically Clean?

Hygienically Clean certifications enable textile services operations to maximize competitiveness and credibility by receiving third-party verification that conform to internationally recognized standards for clean product quality

Many businesses that use textile services demand laundries provide the highest possible level of product cleanliness. Working with a Hygienically Clean certified laundry reassures them that their textile products are valuable assets in their efforts to maximize hygiene in their workplaces.

Reflects positively on laundry staff capabilities. Adherence to standards testifies to the skill and knowledge of the teams who run the textile services operations that earn Hygienically Clean certification.

Recognizes substantial effort. With the highest degree of backing and credibility that Hygienically Clean can offer, textile services professionals are recognized for their dedication to preventing contamination from spreading.

Adds credibility to all you do. Certification acknowledges management’s concern for “green” techniques, cleanliness and safety, creating a halo effect that positively influences customers’ perceptions of the laundry’s approach to other aspects of its business.