Hospitality Standards

Hygienically Clean inspectors verify a hospitality laundry’s own processes – its systems, procedures, etc. for ensuring that product being shipped from the laundry is clean and free from any danger to its user.

Inspections place significant weight on factors such as design, equipment, practices, training, protocols and adherence to regulatory body requirements.

Hygienically Clean validates that a laundry’s own operational processes have been independently inspected and adhere to domestic and internationally recognized infection prevention and control policies.

Certification Standards

Hygienically Clean Standards were established to monitor the complete textile processing cycle, from handling and transporting soiled hospitality textiles, to in-plant processing and delivery back to the customer.

The Standard guides our customers in documenting the policies and procedures they follow to produce Hygienically Clean linens for Hospitality use.

Quality Assurance Manuals must be created to demonstrate compliance with various requirements from the facility layout, personnel training, and OSHA and HACCP required practices, and many more.