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About Hygienically Clean

Hygienically Clean certifications recognize linen, uniform and facility services companies’ commitment to cleanliness through laundry plant inspection and third-party, quantified biological testing. The certification process verifies plant processes used in these facilities meet appropriate hygienically clean standards and best management practices (BMPs) across all laundry customer market segments.

Businesses highly conscientious about the sanitation of their work practices and processes need to become more confident that these do not contribute to human illness. Hygienically Clean certification helps achieve this objective by ensuring textile products laundered for businesses meet key disinfection criteria. Items are washed, dried, ironed and packed using techniques to produce laundry that meets Hygienically Clean’s cleanliness specifications.

To attain Hygienically Clean certification, a laundry must pass a series of qualifying biological tests and an inspection for BMPs. A laundry is not required to use particular processes or techniques to achieve certification—within parameters, whatever tactics management feels are necessary can be used to achieve TRSA’s Minimum Performance Specifications as measured by microbial testing. But BMPs must be documented in a written quality control manual.

Following initial certification, tests are conducted quarterly and facilities are inspected every three years.