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Hygienically Clean Healthcare Brochure for Customers and Prospects
Included in this brochure: the quantified proof of laundry performance that Hygienically Clean certifies as well as the government and professional standards the certification reflects

Hygienically Clean Healthcare Video for Customers and Prospects
Learn how the certification provides essential evidence that laundry employees are properly trained, requirements and voluntary standards are followed and the physical plant operates correctly

Laundry Tour Planner for Healthcare Professionals
This checklist and guide plots a sequence for a laundry tour highlighting control points in a workflow important to ensure cleanliness of healthcare textiles (HCTs)

Curbing the Infection Risk of Healthcare Garments
Download the whitepaper that recommends techniques for washing employee uniforms based on research on home laundering effectiveness

Epidemiologist’s Technical and Critical Review
Assessing certification methodology, impacts of adoption of Hygienically Clean standards on patients, care givers and broad public health

Six C's Handling Clean Linen in a Healthcare Environment

Six C's Handling Soiled Linen in a Healthcare Environment
Learn about this training video for healthcare facility staff to ensure they comply with safety rules and use linen wisely.

Hygienically Clean Healthcare vs. HLAC
How the Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification adds product quality measures to robust process quality assessment

May 2016 Upgraded Healthcare Provisions
Revisions to the Hygienically Clean Healthcare standard codifying widespread industry practices that ensure the safe delivery and storage of clean linens between commercial laundries and healthcare facilities using exchange carts

Quantifying Hygienically Clean Removes All Doubt
With patients’ health at stake and healthcare providers under financial and compliance pressures to cost-effectively deliver services, the time for quantifiable laundry certification has come. This whitepaper explains Hygienically Clean’s synergy with efforts to bring performance measurement into medicine