Miller’s Textiles Spotlights their Commitment to Certification

Miller’s Textile Services was founded in 1946 by the Miller family in a 2,500 sq. ft. facility in Wapakoneta, OH laundering clothes for local families. Over the last 77 years, Miller’s has grown exponentially and remained loyal and committed to their customers. Miller’s President, Bob Hager, has been an integral part in this growth and in ensuring the original intent of the Miller family has remained true in the business today. Their focus is on delivering exceptional experiences daily to each of their customers in a variety of industries including healthcare, restaurants, hospitality services, as well as manufacturing and automotive. No matter the business, their promise is the same: “We show up on time, do what we say and finish what we start.” This motto is what sets them apart from others in the industry and aligns them to their core values of commitments, relationships, integrity, and innovation.

One way Miller’s embodies these goals is through their participation in and commitment to the TRSA Hygienically Clean certification program. They are the second laundry in the US that has earned the “Triple Crown” of Hygienically Clean certifications. These include certifications for Hygienically Clean Healthcare, Food Service, and Food Safety that are based on third-party quantified biological testing and inspecting, verifying that their clean textiles meet appropriate hygiene standards and management best practices. Miller’s received their first Hygienically Clean certification in Healthcare in February of 2014 and obtained Food Safety and Food Service in March of 2017, making them one of the first plants to become certified during the inaugural year for those categories. They have now renewed 3 times for Healthcare and 2 times for Food Safety and Food Service, and continue to see a future with the Hygienically Certification program.

Miller’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Andrew Thornbury, has been an integral piece in implementing and maintaining the Hygienically Clean certification for Miller’s. He has been responsible for 2 renewals of the Hygienically Clean certification and even serves on the Hygienically Clean Advisory Board, making him a very active member in TRSA. He has overseen the implementation of Hygienically Clean certifications in their Wapakoneta plant, as well as their various depots throughout Ohio in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Defiance, and Springfield. Miller’s Textile Services is committed to producing Hygienically Clean products so they can follow up on their promises and best serve their loyal and dedicated customers.