How HC Programs’ QA Requirements Vary

Hygienically Clean certifications are achieved through:

  • Attainment of cleanliness levels verified by microbial testing
  • Documentation of Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Facility inspection that approves this documentation and observes evidence of BMP implementation

Tables below list required BMPs for textile services to be certified as:

  • Hygienically Clean (HC)
  • Hygienically Clean Healthcare (HCH)
  • Hygienically Clean Food Safety (HCFS)

Quality assurance (QA) documentation must explain how each BMP is performed, i.e., how the facility complies with each BMP.

HCHCHHC Food SafetyHC Food Service
Plant Facilities
Functional separation of soiled and clean areasXX
Equipment list, maintenance, calibrationXXXX
Cross contamination preventionXX
Pest control planXXXX
Equipment cleaning, care XCovered in OSHA requirementsXX
Cleaning of work surfaces, stations, slingsXCovered in OSHA requirementsXX
Cleaning of carts (customer, internal, any other)XXXX
Cart linersXX
Cleaning supply selection, measurement, useXXXX
Cleaning scheduleXXXX
Laundry Processing/Procedures
Soiled linen handlingXXXX
Wash formulasXXXX
Hot-water washing XXXX
Low-temperature water washingXX
Use of disinfectants, e.g. chlorineXXXX
Final pHXXXX
Garment processingXX
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)XX
OSHA Compliance
Hazard communication required practicesXXXX
Hazard communication compliance advisoryXXXX
Bloodborne pathogensX
Hepatitis B vaccine declinationX
Facility Inspections
Initial qualificationXXXX
Triennial inspectionXXXX
Operational flow chart confirmationXX
ATP Testing of Hard SurfacesXX
Microbial Testing
Initial qualificationXXXX
Significant process changeXXXX
Minimum performance, RODAC, cfu per square decimeter, quarterly≤ 20≤ 20≤ 50≤ 50
USP 62 specified microorganism test, semi-annual Absent Absent Absent Absent