Healthcare Laundry Research Published in Scholarly Journal

A research paper, titled “Development of a Standardized International Protocol for Evaluation of the Disinfection Efficacy of Healthcare Laundry Wash Processes,” was published on Jan. 18 in Applied Microbiology. The research aimed to develop a standardized global protocol for monitoring the disinfection efficacy of healthcare laundry processes.

The research notes that, “International standardization of laundry validation tests is required to ensure consistency of disinfection throughout the global laundry sector to ensure that healthcare textiles are safe for patient use.”

The research was divided into two phases: the assessment of current practices used in the international industrial laundry sector and, secondly, the development of a bioindicator for wash process efficacy testing. The researchers developed methodologies for validating the disinfection efficacy of microorganisms during laundering, based on the principles of microbial kill within wash systems.

In conclusion, the proposed polyethersulphone (PES) bioindicator is recommended for assessing disinfection within a wash process. This method not only measures absolute kill within a wash process but can also be used effectively with a range of chemistries used in the laundry industry at both low and high temperatures.

As a result of these findings, TRSA is assessing using this methodology in its Hygienically Clean certification program moving forward. “We have partnered with Accugen Laboratories and our selected certified plants to test this methodology for our Hygienically Clean certification programs,” said Samlane Ketevong, the senior director of certification & accreditation at TRSA. “We will use the data collected to determine if this methodology will be an additional testing method to determine hygienically clean textiles for our program in the future.”

TRSA partnered with the Textile Services Association-UK (TSA-UK), the European Textile Services Association (ETSA) and several other European national associations on the research project. De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester, England, carried out the study.

The research paper underwent a stringent peer-review process before being published in the journal. Click here to review the research.