Q. What products and frequency of testing are required?

A. Eventually, the process should test the majority, if not all, products laundered at the facility. Testing will be conducted on two different products in each of the first three months of subsequent testing. If all test results meet the minimum microbiological performance specifications in the standard, testing frequency will then be on a quarterly basis.

Q. How are products selected to be tested?

Q. Can you infer a direct relationship between product cleanliness and processing quality?

Q. What test is used?

Q. Is certification available outside the United States?

Q. How are the linen samples sent out for testing?

Q. Some healthcare organizations require HLAC certification. How does Hygienically Clean address this issue so that laundries not HLAC accredited but certified by Hygienically Clean are recognized equally?

Q. Does Hygiencially Clean provide any interested facility with pre-screening material to help its management decide to pursue the Hygienically Clean certification?

Q. How many opportunities does a facility have to pass initial sample testing?

Q. Which Hygienically Clean program is most appropriate for industrial uniforms and industrial garments?

Q. Can I obtain a QA/QC manual to use as a model for my operation?

Q. How do the anticipated changes in the federal hazard communication standard affect our Hygienically Clean certification?

Q. What happens when a certified plant fails a test?

Q. How can I find the Hygienically Clean standards on this web?

Q. Am I required to keep a copy of the standard in our plant?

Q. Will all product classifications be tested for Hygienically Clean?

Q. How does the program relate to the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen standard?