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Should Hoteliers Rent Or Own Hotel Linens?

Outsourcing laundry may be a better choice for a hotel’s profitability and sustainability, but questions arise over whether it’s the right move for branding and maintaining sufficient linen inventory. Linen ...

Outsourcing Increases Sustainability Through Volume Production

Economics and sustainability are inextricably linked and their bond is growing tighter. It's long been true that the fewer natural resources you deplete, the less it costs you. Because large ...

The Economics of Off-Premise Laundry

One factor that hotel operators may be considering as they manage expenses is whether to operate on-premise laundry facilities or to outsource laundry through an off-premise service. While operating an ...

Outsourced Hotel Laundries: The Value of Certification

A hotel operator’s interest in increasing sustainability and environmental friendliness should include moving from on-premises laundries to an outsourced model. This is not only greener, it makes better economic sense.