Advisory Council

The Hygienically Clean Advisory Council works extensively with TRSA members, scientific experts and clients to advance and refine best practices for safe and hygienic commercial laundering. Council members represent the spectrum of laundry stakeholders such as commercial launderers, nurses, doctors, chemical manufacturers and research scientists.

Randy Bartsch, CEO, Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Inc.

James Buckman, Director, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Cintas Corp.

Linda Burgman, Vice President, CleanCare

Alexis M. Elward, MD, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Washington University School of Medicine

David F. Goldsmith, MSPH, PhD, George Washington University, Georgetown University

Jack Heaviside, National Sales & Service Manager, Sunburst Chemicals, Inc.

Rick Kislia, Chief Operating Officer, Crescent Laundry

Kevin McLaren, Director, Research and Development, Gurtler Industries

Lynn A. Moreau, RN, BSN, Clinical Liaison Manager, HandCraft Linen Services

Michael Potack, President, Unitex Textile Rental Services

Robert Raphael. Co-President, Service Linen Supply Inc.

Douglas Waldman, President. Superior Linen Service